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glenfarclas_distillery.jpgIn de 2007 editie van zijn Whisky Bible is Jim Murray bijzonder gul geweest in het uitdelen van cijfers. Glenfarclas mag het glas heffen, want de Glenfarclas 1954 Vintage heeft van Murray maar liefst 96 van de 100 punten gekregen. Dat is de hoogste score ooit voor de distilleerderij en slechts één puntje minder dan het allerhoogste cijfer ooit door Murray gegeven. Lees verder voor zijn tasting notes.

Tasting Notes from Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2007
Score:  96 (out of 100)
Nose; Score 24.
The clarity of the sherry defies belief; just a fraction too much oak for perfection but the kumquat and most subtle coriander give this such a delightful lift. A squirt of soft peat balances it out gloriously.
Taste; Score 25.
Faultless. Absolute perfect harmonization on the palate as the dissolving oloroso integrates seamlessly with the rich barley and developing spices. The chewiness is provided by German-style caramelized biscuit, the elegance by a clever mixture and intriguing of Muscovado and Demerara sugars.
Finish; Score 23.
Edges towards oak-fuelled bitterness, but some soft peats generate an excellent sweet repost; the oak is big and slightly bitter towards the end.
Balance; Score 24.
Sincere apologies for missing out on this is in earlier editions of the Bible. Apparently, though, this can still be found. Buy two: one to drink, the other to be buried with.

43%. 1193 bottles.